West Coast Lovin'

7:38 PM

California. It's always been the dream. 
Sure I want to travel to Europe, spend time experiencing the South, and keep Christmas in New England.
But California, it's the dream. 

I always planned to study undergrad at a college in California. As my senior year approached, my plans were forced to change, or if not fully change, just halt for a while.

Go to Pennsylvania they said. It will be academically enriching they said. 

Pennsylvania. It's never been the dream. The idea of living so far inland that I can't escape to the ocean scares me half to death. I blame that on my poetry teacher who highlighted her own fear of not living near the sea.

I've always been within five minutes of the ocean. I feel most connected to God when I swim in it.

And now, I'm moving to PENNSYLVANIA? I'm closer to Ohio than any major city.

Don't get me wrong, I love the college I'm attending next fall. It was my reach school. A true miracle that I got in. I really believe that God wants me there. Beyond all my strings of sanity, I know He wants me there.

I'm afraid. 

What if I decide to go back home after my four years of college? That feels like a step back for someone who has spent her whole life planning to live far away.

Or worse, what if I have the desire or obligation to settle in.... Pennsylvania. Really, it's not the place itself. It's the lack of ocean.

And what about my dream? Do I give up the golden days of California?

I know... I know.

Follow God's Will. 
He has a perfect plan for me. 
For my relationships. For my career. For my home. For my life. 

For now, I will wait. I might look into grad schools in California, but I will drop everything to meet God's will.

*picture is a mega throwback to california with my best friend 2009*

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Regina is a junior at a small college in the middle of nowhere. She dreams of moving to California, painting, writing letters, thrifting, and cuddling with a dog.

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