Bloom Where You Are Planted?

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Am I less of a Christian for not being a missionary?

These past few weeks I've been working at a Christian summer camp. It's been interesting to meet counselors from all over the country with different stories and backgrounds. Sometimes the discussion of attending a Christian school versus a secular school comes up. People who attend Christian schools argue that they are spiritually fed and find comfort in fellowship. Christians who attend secular schools argue that they are called to be the light in their community. But which does God call us to?

Growing up, I was not surrounded by Christians. I went to a public school and had very few Christian friends. I was mostly loud and proud about my faith, but not always. I definitely didn't light up the school by how I acted. Based on actions alone, I bet some people had no idea that I followed Jesus.

Now, I attend a Christian college surrounded by fellowship. A lot of my friends challenge me so much in my faith. In the summertime I work at a Christian camp where I am again surrounded by Christian friends.

So where is my mission?

Am I a weaker Christian because of where I am?

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend about how sometimes we are made to feel inferior next to those devoting their lives to missions.

This shouldn't be a surprise, but there isn't a cookie cutter call for all Christians. Yes, there is the Great Commission to spread Jesus to every nation. But, where each person specifically fits in that puzzle could be very different.

Just because you're in a light or dark community, doesn't mean that you aren't called. We all live in different mission fields.

Bloom where God plants you.

We are all at different places. Consider where you are in your walk with the Lord. Use the Parable of the Sower found in Mark 4:1-20. In this story, the seeds represent where our hearts are. Look over the different kinds and consider where you fit:

Surface Planted: The seed didn't even have a chance to take root, because after it fell along the path, it was taken away by birds.

Shallow Planted: The seed fell on a rocky place. The seeds were unable to grow roots deep enough to sustain life.

Strangled Plant:  The seed fell on a thorny area. The seed was able to take root, but as throns crowded it, it was unable to produce fruit.

Successful Plant: This seed was planted in good soil. The seed was able to grow deep roots, spring life, and produce fruit.

We are in all different places, and God uses us all for His plan.

Lord, thank you for planting seeds of your Word in us. We desire to be planted in good, fertile soil so we can live and produce good fruit. Help us to do this. And, help us to be aware of anything strangling our growth in your truth, or areas of rock that hinder us from growing. God remind us to bloom where you plant us whatever mission field you call us to.  

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