Indescribable God

1:53 PM

Standing there, overlooking miles and miles of land, singing praises to the Lord and watching a lightening storm brighten the sky. It was indescribable.

In fact, the video I took of it magically got deleted off my iPhone.


You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name.
You are amazing God.

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I can't explain God to other people. More than that, I can't understand Him myself. I don't know His plans. I don't always know why He works in the ways He does.

But just like in the Chris Tomlin song, He truly is indescribable.

We are forever chasing to define God. We want to put him in a nice little package and tie him up with a bow. But God doesn't fit in a box... even the largest box we have.

I'm a Bible major who fails at understanding my area of study. Throughout the year I've talked with others in my major who have said that understanding God comes naturally to them, and for that reason their calling is affirmed. There's just no way I believe that. I'll admit that I am hungry to understand God. That hunger is natural. That's why there are so many Bible commentaries, seminaries, colleges, books, sermons, and other resources. But my our ability doesn't even scratch the surface of who God is.

It's overwhelming to think about the glory of God. One of the first times I really tapped into this emotion was in the middle of an African savannah. Granted, you can see God's glory just outside your door, but in this moment, I thought I understood how great is our God. But I didn't. Are you catching on? He is indescribable.

How beautiful is He who is so majestic, yet cares enough to have a personal relationship with me?

I haven't written on this blog much this Summer. It's not because God isn't working in my life or because I've forgotten to post. I've tried over and over to write a post about what God has been teaching me. But every time I try, I can't. God has spoken to me so much this Summer and I'm just beginning to understand part of what He is saying. I'm going to continue to chase after knowing Him because even if I can only obtain a sliver of who God is, that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Love the post Gina! I'm chasing after a sliver of Him with ya! =)


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