Ten Things She Learns in 2013

8:28 AM

Learning a lot through sin and being loved by a sinless savior.

1. Forgiveness isn't about being fair or being right. It's about grace, completely undeserved. Learning how to forgive people who don't deserve it reminds us that we don't deserve it either, yet God has lavished it upon us through new mercies...daily

2. Sometimes you will be surrounded by wise people, but until you figure it out for yourself you won't believe it. (That's most frustrating for your wise friends who have to wait for you to understand). 

3. Rigorous academics are not only beneficial, but also actually challenging. Working hard does not only glorify God, it is good for us too.

4. Being a Christian isn't about giving up the things you love (sin) for the things you have to do. Rather, it's a regeneration in us by the Holy Spirit so we as a new person in Christ desire to do His will. 

5. Even the "best" Christians (you know, the ones who read their Bible everyday, pray, follow God) fall short of perfection...and stumble when tempted. 

6. Christian women, called to be quiet, does not mean weak. It means strong through temperance. Quiet does not equal silent.

7. Sometimes things sound like they come from God, and are even followed as "Biblical truth" (it's not really) but that doesn't make them right or true. Discernment is hard, and cannot be achieved on our own, but through the Holy Spirit.

8. Sinning, then repenting the next day feels like we're dirty and guilt stained. But, Christ is the propitiation for our sins. 

9. Everyone--friends and family will let you down in someway. You are still called to love them and appreciate that through their weakness, God's glory is revealed. (In turn, through our weakness He is also revealed). 

10. Being broken and vulnerable before God is okay. He is so much bigger than our sin.

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