Finding Joy in the in Between

10:46 AM

Right now, I'm excited for Summertime and being a camp counselor; Next Fall semester with a fresh schedule of classes and new roommates; & Going to Los Angeles next year.

I have a hard time appreciating the present. Specifically, I find it hard to enjoy the "in between" seasons like Fall and Spring. 

I know that I have a purpose right here today but I can't help but look past "the now." Keep your eyes open for what you're called to do right now. Sometimes your journey doesn't look like what you expected. 
For now here are some cute little ways you can be intentional about enjoying Springtime...

1. Eat seasonally. Enjoy the foods that are indigenous to Spring. This depends on your climate, but I suggest fresh strawberries.

2. Line dry your clothing like the old days.

3. Read a good book outside.

4. Have a picnic.

5. Go to a farmer's market. 

6. Make a Springtime playlist.

7. SPRING CLEANING. Put away all your winter clothes and donate anything you don't need anymore.

8. Wear a dress or a flowy skirt. (Unless of course you're a dude, in which case pull out some pastel shorts).

9. Frisbee.

10. Sew, scrapbook, paint, and craft...preferably outside. 

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  1. I love the pastel shorts part...so James. Haha!

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