Embrace Being Basic...Or Don't!

8:41 AM

There are so many attributes of being basic it's really challenging to choose just a few. I'll take a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in October or maybe a skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks. After I get my drink of choice I'll go to Target to pick up some FIGI water before I attend my morning yoga class in my Lu Lu Lemon leggings--- so comfy! Afterward I'll treat myself to some froyo probably from Pinkberry because it's delish. But now I'm kinda cold so I'll change into my UGGS and North Face and go watch reruns of Sex & the City.  

So are you basic? Maybe you should just take a Buzzfeed quiz to tell you whether you are basic. I don't know what you are and frankly I don't care.

As women we subscribe to the paradox of wanting to be in style and yet being basic is a bad thing. We want to be on trend and yet don't call us ordinary! Here's what you should do: Whatever you want! If want a PSL from Starbucks then get one. But if you'd rather drink a beer with the guys, do that! Wear yoga pants or baggy sweatpants, UGGS or combat boots... 

Or a crazy idea is to do it all! We don't need to define ourselves. Do whatever the heck you want and above all be confident about it. 

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