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3:25 PM

No matter what your style is, it is rooted in recycled trends. Fashion cannot be separated from history; that's what makes thrifting so timeless. The clothing in consignment shops are donated from people of all different eras. Fashion trends from past decades always come back to mainstream culture and there is nothing more authentic than vintage. A thrifted style is trendy right now. As I write this post I think of the popularity of ugly sweaters, high waisted shorts, and worn out boots. Mainstream companies are jumping on the bandwagon and creating clothing that appear to be pre-owned. Urban Outfitters is just one company that comes to mind.

Shopping at thrift stores can be very intimidating to a second-hand novice. There are many different types of thrift shops and walking into any one of them for the first time could be overwhelming. But I promise you it's worth it. Not only do you save a lot of money but also get to experience a treasure hunt for unique style. I believe that we were created to be creative. For some people that is shown in drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing, speaking, or athletics. However, it can definitely be displayed in fashion. When we take seemingly different pieces of clothing together we are creating something new. 

Above all, wear whatever you want. Express yourself through the way you dress and be creative because that is what will make you a happy human. 

I hope you will come alongside me as I explore my ever changing style. I dream of wearing what makes me confident and saving money while I do it. I hope that you will use these posts and allow it to inspire your style. You'll find that these posts will include many different types of styles and ways to express yourself. Don't allow yourself to be put in a style icon box. Wear what you want to wear. 

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