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College Junior, Olivia describes her style as "whimsical." She wears whatever she feels like and doesn't think she needs to stay inside the box. Liv doesn't define her style as anything specific, but she admits that she lives earth tones and dark colors. Olivia's favorite places to shop are Good Will, TJ Maxx, Wet Seal, and Ebay. 

Listen to my interview with her here: Upload Music - Embed Audio - Personal Style: Olivia


First Outfit:
Dress: Ebay
Blazer: Ebay
Tights: Ebay originally from Mod Cloth
Flats: Marshalls

Second Outfit:
Sweater: Ebay
Pants: Wet Seal
Flats: Marshalls

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About me

Regina is a junior at a small college in the middle of nowhere. She dreams of moving to California, painting, writing letters, thrifting, and cuddling with a dog.

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